Ifigenia, is a Greek-Canadian pop singer and songwriter. Her debut single “Aformes” with NIGMA the band reached top local charts and over 2 million views on YouTube. Her follow-up smash hit “Pame Kalokairi” cleared the charts in 2013 making it to Greece’s top 20 with over 6 million views. By 2014, Ifi took on a solo career releasing several singles like “Gia Sena”, “Dromos gia Dio”, "To Onoma sou", “Ena Fili” and the summer hit "Proti Agapi". Ifigenia's musical accumen,  educational background in music and raw talent allows her to execute flawlessly, spanning many different genres while maintaing her own unique style. Ifigenia brings her A-game and distinct voice in renditions of known classics like "You Raise me Up" by Josh Groban, upbeat tracks with Latin and R&B elements like "Despacito" and pop remixes of   "My Life is Going on"  from the ''La Casa De papel'' series and Greek folk such as "To Mystiko sou" by Viki Leandros. 

Ifigenia has worked along side and collaborated with many prominent musicians in the Greek industry, inlcuding Nikos Oikonomopoulos, Stamatis Gonidis, Kostas Martakis, the popular group Onirama, Prestige the Band and many more. Many of her songs have been released by industry giants including Minos EMI / Universal Music and Heaven Music.. 

Ifigenia in recording studio